Python-Redmine relies heavily on great Requests library by Kenneth Reitz for all the http(s) calls. To provide better user experience, Python-Redmine vendors Requests (i.e. embeds it inside itself) and uses a so-called “smart imports” strategy to identify whether it should use the vendored version or the global one. It works like this, at the first import time Python-Redmine checks if there is a global Requests installed and if it’s version is greater than the vendored Requests, Python-Redmine will use global Requests and if not, the vendored one. This strategy provides you with the following benefits:

  • no external dependencies are installed together with Python-Redmine
  • no more conflicts with other libraries that depend on other version of Requests
  • always the latest version of Requests available at the release time of Python-Redmine
  • use newer versions of Requests in case of the immediate upgrade need absolutely automatically

New in version 2.0.0.

If for some reason there is a need to use a global Requests library even if it’s version is lower than the bundled one, one can set a REDMINE_USE_EXTERNAL_REQUESTS environmental variable to force this behaviour.

Standard Edition


The recommended way to install is from Python Package Index (PyPI) with pip:

$ pip install python-redmine


Python-Redmine is actively developed on GitHub. If you want to get latest development sources you have to clone the repository:

$ git clone git://

Once you have the sources, you can install it into your site-packages:

$ python install

You can also install latest stable development version via pip:

$ pip install git+

Pro Edition

License for a Pro Edition can be bought here. You will receive an email with all the details regarding Pro Edition installation process. In case of any problems support is provided via Please be sure to write from email that was specified during the purchase procedure.