CRM Query

Requires Pro Edition and CRM plugin >= 3.3.0.


All operations on the CrmQuery resource are provided by it’s manager. To get access to it you have to call redmine.crm_query where redmine is a configured redmine object. See the Configuration about how to configure redmine object.

Create methods

Not supported by CRM plugin

Read methods


Not supported by CRM plugin


Not supported by CRM plugin



Returns crm query resources that match the given lookup parameters.

  • resource (string) – (required). Get crm queries for the resource. One of:
    • contact
    • deal
  • limit (int) – (optional). How much resources to return.
  • offset (int) – (optional). Starting from what resource to return the other resources.

ResourceSet object

>>> queries = redmine.crm_query.filter(resource='contact')
>>> queries
<redminelib.resultsets.ResourceSet object with CrmQuery resources>


CrmQuery resource object provides you with some relations. Relations are the other resource objects wrapped in a ResourceSet which are somehow related to a CrmQuery resource object. The relations provided by the CrmQuery resource object are:

  • deals
>>> queries = redmine.crm_query.filter(resource='deal')
>>> queries[0]
<redminelib.resources.CrmQuery #10 "Deals by category">
>>> queries[0].deals
<redminelib.resultsets.ResourceSet object with Deal resources>

Update methods

Not supported by CRM plugin

Delete methods

Not supported by CRM plugin


Not supported by CRM plugin